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Publication (Editions)

Serlio, Sebastiano The Five Books of Architecture [Amazon] 1611
Alberti, Leon Battista On the Art of Building in Ten Books Questia 1755

Gibbs, James

A Book of Architecture [Amazon]


Palladio, Andrea

The Four Books of Architecture [Amazon]

1714 London
1728 America

Salmon, William Palladio Londinensis GoogleBooks 1734

Langley, Battey

Gothic Architecture Improved by Rules and Proportions


Langley, Battey

The City and Country Builder's and Workman's Treasury of Designs Archive


Langley, Battey The builder's director, or bench-mate : being a pocket-treasury of the Grecian, Roman and Gothic orders of architecture. 1751
Halfpenny, William

Rural architecture in the gothick taste : being twenty new designs, for temples, garden-seats, summer-houses, lodges, terminies, piers, &c. on sixteen copper plates. Wisconsin


Wood, Robert*

The Ruins of Palmyra


Wood, Robert*

The Ruins of Balbec


Chambers, Sir William*

Designs of Chinese Buildings, Furniture, Dresses, etc.


Stuart, James and Nicholas Revett*

The Antiquities of Athens: Measured and Delineated


Adam, Robert* The Ruins of the Palace of Emperor Diocletian at Spalato 1764
Pain, William The Builder's Golden Rule, or, The Youth's Sure Guide: Containing the Greatest Variety of Ornamental and Useful Designs in architecture and Carpentry. GoogleBooks 1781
Pain, William British Palladio, or, The builder's general assistant. Wisconsin 1788
Pain, William The Practical Builder: or Workman's General Assistant. GoogleBooks 1789

* Books published by subscription by the Society of Dilettanti, founded in 1733.