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Rossi, Aldo. Architecture of the City
Rossi, Aldo. Architecture of the City. The MIT Press, 1984, page 60. View on Amazon.

"In fact, I am inclined to believe that persistence in an urban artifact often causes it to be identified as a monument. A monument's persists in the city both symbolically and physically. A monument's persistence or permanence is a result of its capacity to constitute a city, its history and art, its being and memory.

"So far we have spoken only of monuments, inasmuch as they are fixed elements of the urban structure, as having true aesthetic intentionality, but this can be a simplification. The hypothesis of the city as a man-made object and a work of art attributes as much legitimacy of expression to a house or any other minor work as to a monument. But perhaps this carries us to far afield; I mainly want to establish at this point that the dynamic process of the city tends more to evolution than preservation, and that in the evolution monuments are not only preserved but continuously presented as propelling elements of development. This is a fact that can be verified."