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• John C. Leeke, Historic Homeworks.

Exterior Paint Problems on Historic Woodwork
Kay D. Weeks and David W. Look, AIA
Preservation Brief 10, Washington, DC: Technical Preservation Services, NPS, 1982
Initially Transcribed for the Web by John C. Leeke, Historic Homeworks

Table of Contents
    1. Purposes of Exterior Paint
    2. Treating Paint Problems and Justification for Paint Removal
    3. Paint Removal Precautions
    4. Repainting Historic Buildings for Cosmetic Reasons
    5. Identification of Exterior Paint Surface Conditions / Recommended Treatments
      1. Class I: Exterior Surface Conditions Generally Requiring No Paint Removal
      2. Class II: Exterior Surface Conditions Generally Requiring Limited Paint Removal
      3. Class III: Exterior Surface Conditions Generally Requiring Total Paint Removal
    6. Selecting the Appropriate/Safest Method to Remove Paint
      1. Abrasive Methods (Manual)
      2. Abrasive Methods (Mechanical)
      3. Thermal Methods
      4. Chemical Methods
    7. General Paint Type Recommendations
    8. Conclusion
    9. Reading List
    10. Acknowledgements