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Virginia Lime Works

St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes

Premixed Lime Mortars

Traditional Lime Putties (Virginia Lime Works)

Traditional lime putties from both high-calcium limestone and oystershell. This putty is made by burning the stone or shell in a traditional wood fired lime kiln (producing quicklime), freshly slaking it (adding water to the quicklime) from the kiln, and it is aged for periods of time up to 12 months. The aged putty is then added to sand and blended in a roller mill mixer (to achieve good compression). This mortar can be used straight away or if kept air-tight, can be stored indefinitely. In fact, aging your lime putty mortar (recommended 6 weeks, kept air tight) produces a richer, more workable mix.

Gauged Lime Mortar (Virginia Lime Works)

High-calcium lime putty mixed with ASTM-graded sands to produce lime-putty mortar. This mortar is supplied with a portion of natural hydraulic lime to be added on-site. This mortar is the best of both worlds. You get the plasticity and feel of lime putty mortar, with the increased set of a natural hydraulic lime.

Hot Lime Mortars (Virginia Lime Works)

Hot lime mortar is made by taking quicklime and adding it to damp sand and letting the moisture from the sand slake the lime.

Dispersed Hydrated Lime, (Liner Rolpanit Incorporated North America)

Dispersed hydrated lime is a purely carbonating hardening binding agent for mortar, supplementary stone compound, grouting compounds, injection compounds and for plaster solidification. It is offered in the form of an aqueous suspension similar to pit lime.

Dispersed hydrated lime is composed of hydrated whitle lime and mixing water. The proportion of solid matter is 50%.
The hydrated white lime has a (calculated) calcium hydroxide content of 96.1% weight. Dispersing aids are contained in the mixing water that do not exceed 2% weight.

To produce dispersed hydrated lime, dry hydrated white lime fresh from the factory with defined shearing performance is dispersed into the mixing water in a set time frame.

Lime Shelter Coats (Liner Rolpanit Incorporated North America)

Lime shelter coats based upon dispersed hydrated lime are ready to use brushable and sprayable suspensions made of dispersed hydrated lime and fillers.
They are stable in sedimentation and form a homogeneous coating with capillary action.
They are suited for use in stone preservation as well as in the preservation of wall paintings and plaster.

Depending upon requirements, the lime shelter coats are composed of dispersed hydrated lime, marble powders or quartz sands and rock flour, mixing water and dispersing aids (< 0.4% weight).

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