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Pointed Wood Screws 1846

T.J. Sloan, Making Wood Screws, No. 4704, Patented AUg. 20, 1846. USPTO

The unmistakable pointed wood screw, now universally used, was patented by United States patent No. 4704, August 20, 1846...

Dating of Old Houses, Henry C. Mercer, SC.D., Doylestown, Pennsylvania, 1923.

BY THOMAS J. SLOAN. — Nov. 24th, 1846.
Improvement in the machinery for cutting the threads of pointed screws.

What I claim is the retarding and accelerating the motion of the alternate cutters in making pointed screws. I also claim the employment of a series of cutters acting alternately on the blank to cut and finish the head of the screw, all placed on the same side of the axes of the screw blank.

Scientific American, Vol. 2, 012. p. 92. Source: Rochester

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