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Architectural Character ( roof section)

Types for roof:
• impermeable membrane (flat, slightly pitched)
• shedding: pitched
• inspection using boom truck
Explain the diffent styles that typically have slate roofs,tiles, shingles etc.... Explain where certain roofing materials wouldn’t work economically and aesthically pleasing to the period of the house. How does one choose the right material for the period of your house.

• Examples
• Architectural Conservation Audit • Case Studies

Historic Roofing Materials in America

    1. Historic Roofing Materials in America
      1. Clay Tile
      2. Slate
      3. Shingles
      4. Metals
        1. Copper
        2. Sheet iron
        3. Tinplate iron
        4. Terne plate
      5. Other Materials
        1. Asbestos
        2. Asphalt
        3. Composition



Asbestos, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and leadcoated copper











Tool and Equipment List

Before site investigation begins.....