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Retrofitting Measures

The following listing includes the most common retrofitting measures; some measures are highly recommended for a preservation retrofitting plan, but, as will be explained, others are less beneficial or even harmful to the historic building:

    1. Air Infiltration
    2. Attic Insulation
    3. Storm Windows
    4. Basement and Crawl Space Insulation
    5. Duct and Pipe Insulation
    6. Awnings and Shading Devices
    7. Doors and Storm Doors
    8. Vestibules
    9. Replacement Windows
    10. Wall Insulation
      1. Wood Frame
      2. Masonry Cavity Walls
      3. Installed on the Inside
      4. Installed on the Outside
    11. Waterproof Coatings for Masonry

The recommended measures to preservation retrofitting begin with those at the top of the list. The first ones are the simplest, least expensive, and offer the highest potential for saving energy. The remaining measures are not recommended for general use either because of potential technical and preservation problems, or because of the costs outweighing the anticipated energy savings. Specific solutions must be determined based on the facts and circumstances of the particular problem; therefore, advice from professionals experienced in historic preservation, such as, architects, engineers and mechanical contractors should be solicited.