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Repair — Identify Parts

Where windows are to be dismantled as part of the repair process, always mark and record the constituent parts before dismantling, especially where a significant number of windows are to be repaired: similarly, always number glass panes/quarries before removal.

Wrightson, David. The Conservation and Renewal of Timber Windows, Public Information Leaflet, Cathedral Communications, Wiltshire, England, 2000.

  • The Development of the Sash Window. Download as PDF file.

• Document (photograph) hardware, and any other elements to be removed, in situ (in place) before removal; label and/or include in labeled bags, associating each element with their corresponding sash, window.

• Do not apply adhesive tape or permanent inks to elements. Treat each element as an architectural fragment until it is back in place. [Architectural fragments]

• If elements are not carefully identified and stored, countless hours might be sepent matching hardware to sash — if possible.

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