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Cameron, Christina. "Managing Heritage Structures in the 1990s Current Issues Facing the CPS," CRM Volume 15, No. 6, p.3. National Park Service. Reformatted here to include numerical list of the principles.

" In the CRM [Cultural Resource Management] policy, five principles are set down to enable us to make decisions or choices about the scale and level of treatment of historic structures. These are the principles of:

      1. value
      2. public benefit
      3. understanding
      4. respect and
      5. integrity

"At the macro-level, these principles guide the planning process and at the micro-level facilitate the selection of appropriate conservation treatments. The planning process should result in one document clearly describing the values and the significance of a site or area and its commemorative/presentation objectives. Everyone from heritage professionals, field people and management needs to be in agreement on the conservation/presentation agenda...."


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