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Our aims and aspirations… Bringing the Community Together.


Immigrants of Tibetan and Himalayan origin in New York have for sometime felt the need for a forum to discuss issues of common interest. This forum takes shape in the form of Migyul — the magazine, web site, hosted events and forums, and more.

Migyul is a magazine that is very close to our hearts. It is an effort by us for all those years of struggle by our elders. The years spent in leisure and enjoyment, unknown about the efforts and sacrifices put in by the previous generation.

It is for those years spent as free women and men and not appreciating it. It is an appreciation towards the community for giving us what we have and making us what we are. It is a search for our identity and an effort to preserve what, and who, we are.

It is a hope against hope and a cause to help our most important cause. It is after all, a means to bring the community together".

Migyul was formed by a group of young individuals who saw the need for a forum for the scattered Tibetans and Himalayan people in the city of New York. While various small communities are being formed, a central focus towards bringing these people together has not been achieved. Migyul is an effort toward starting a dialogue between various Tibetan and Himalayan peoples in New York.

Editorial Board


Tenzing L.G. Chadotsang

Editorial Board

Philip C Marshall
Dhendup T Chadotsang
Palden Khando
Rinchen Doma Sherpa
Mamta Gurung
Karma Tenzing
Phintso Tuladhar
Tsewang Dichen
Tenzing Jamyang (Dr.)
Tsering Y Lama

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Jigme Dadul

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Jangchup Gyaltsen
Dhendup T Chadotsang


Tsering Dhondup
Heather Harrick
Tenzing Chemey
Tenzing Gelek
Sonam Tsewang
Tsering Dolkar
Lou Costa
Choing Palmo

Public Relations


Tenzing Gurung Lama
Jangchup Gyaltsen


Tenzing L. Dorjee
Karma Tseten
Dhendup T Chadotsang
Tsewang Rabten


Gonpo Wangchuk
Dhendup T Chadotsang
Yangchen Bhutia