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West Coast Picnic, Choing Palmo, Los Angeles

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The Annual Tibetan West Coast Picnic was held in the East Bay this Year. It was the ninth picnic that the Tibetans have had for the celebration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and fortunately we have the 4th of July weekend which it makes it easy for Tibetans here in the west coast to be able to attend the picnic. This year it was a pleasant group of Tibetans from all over West coast as well as from East and from Canada too. We had a soccer team representing New York and that was a nice surprise. We are hoping in future the West Coast Picnic will be more diverse and every state in the US having our Tibetan brethren will participate making it the Annual Tibetan Picnic.

"...The scenario of a typical Tibetan party is women dancing in a group and men just standing in the corner with either a bottle in their hand or just standing."

The Tibetan Association of Northern California had organized the picnic and on the whole it turned out well but the venues for the different events were a bit scattered all over the East Bay like the games /cultural programs/food/dance were a bit of a driving from each other. There were few complaints from families who had to lug their kids around from one venue to another, other than that I think it was o.k. For just the fact that we the Tibetans are able to do all this in a foreign land makes me feel proud and I would like to encourage all future Tibetan generation to keep this thing going on. We learn a lot about our culture and it is a nice place for Tibetans to meet each other. I saw a lot of ABT i.e. American born Tibetans and I'm glad that they have a lot of patriotism among them. A lot had Tibetan tattoos on their arms and the younger ones spoke fluent Tibetan or understood it. Parents are encouraged to speak Tibetan when they are at home by his holiness and I see they are doing a good job.

Then I saw most of the teenagers who came here around the young age are today very much influenced by the Hip Hop culture because they had from head down to their toes fascination for this music era. I feel it is not something the older generation should be negative about because I guess for these teenagers Hip Hop is their thing at the moment; like in Sixties I'm sure we had some Hippy Amala and Palas. I know they kind of look like they are wearing ten times their size with pants dragging and shirts that could fit three, four people in them, with du-rags on their head and bling bling earrings but I know with age these phases will pass too. So it was an interesting group of Tibetans that were in the picnic, but what I don't understand most of the times among a Tibetan gathering is people who come in a group will only stick to their own group. I feel the sense of networking hasn’t hit a lot of the Tibetans till date cause every time you walk into event/gathering/parties; Tibetans are comfortable hanging around with their own small group that they came with or live with.

I feel if we went out and mingled with each other, I'm sure the gathering would be more fun and alive, other than people just staring at when you are on the dance floor or having a picnic away from the real picnic. There were a lot of single men/ guys in this picnic as well women/girls but I doubt if any got introduced to each other. The scenario of a typical Tibetan party is women dancing in a group and men just standing in the corner with either a bottle in their hand or just standing. Once or twice you see a bold one make a step in a group where he knows one of the girls but he ends up alone after few dances. I personally think this should change, we all should be more socializing and more open because we are in another man’s land and chances are we will not see Tibetans flock to one place all the time (Jackson Heights in NYC is an exception) hahaha.

Well I feel like I can go on and on about this but then I will stray away from the main topic “THE WEST COAST PICNIC”. Well it has been decided that next year picnic i.e. the tenth annual west coast picnic will be held in Los Angeles, the city of angels and every Tibetan all over America and Canada are invited to join us. Make sure you keep your 4th of July weekend free and fly down to sunny beach of California, where not only the people but also the weather will make your trip worthwhile. One more thing before I end here, about the games that were played there were many male teams but female team were just Los Angeles and San Francisco Basket ball team. So personally I request all the sisters, mothers, girl friends to represent the female sex from your state and come up with at least a team if not two. Well see you all in Los Angeles next year and I must add the Migyul team in NYC you guys have done a great job and please keep it up.“...The scenario of a typical Tibetan party is women dancing in a group and men just standing in the corner with either a bottle in their hand or just standing.”