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Dawa Dolma

My parents named me Dawa Dolma.
I was born in Helambu, Yolmo.
I am a Cancerian
My favorite actors are Brad Pitt and Richard Gere
Movies that have real life stories interest me.
I like both English and Hindi movies especially Hindi movies with nice songs.
I recently saw Fahrenheit 911 and really like it.
The last Hindi movie I really liked was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
I love various foods (Dhero) I love Korean food, which is mostly boiled. I also like Indian food.
In my free time — I like reading magazines, listening to songs, cooking and chatting with friends.
I like Migyul and the fact that we have a community magazine in this country is great. All our community members should support this magazine and contribute to it. There should be more nice articles on homes, culture and all things that are happening here.