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Observations from Conference Presenters — Photographs
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Listed Historic Sites

British Consulate (1858), or Kaohsiung Historical and Cultural Museum, overlooking Hsitzu Bay, Kaohsiung.

Left and top left:
Police Training Station, Kaohsiung.

Main courtyard, with Ta-ch’eng tien (Hall of Great Completion), Confucius Temple (Temple of Literature; Temple of the Sage: 1665, et seq),Tainan

Kaohsiung Museum of History beside Love River on Chung Cheng 4th Road in Yen Cheng District. The Museum (and other sites) is not just an isloated site, but a focal point of a promenade along the banks of Love River from Chien Kuo Bridge, south and downstream, to Kaohsiung Harbor.

Historic Districts: An Eligible Example — Yen Cheng District

Left and lower left: Yen Cheng District. The signigificant, historic period ranges from and its origins during the infill and plating of this area starting in 1908 to development from the mid 1920s to late 1960s when Yen Cheng District was Kaoshiung's commercial center — before development of the Hsin-hsing District and the San-tou Commercial Area.

Below: Hai-ma-shin, fish market.

Above left and right: commercial structures in Yen Cheng, Kaohsiung

Right: Chichin, Kaohsiung, with streetscape improvements including paving, finished grantite bollards, and granite panels with interpretive signage for wayfinding and placemaking.

Vernacular Historic Structures and Ensembles in An Ping
An Ping, Tai-Nan, exterior of traditional house. An Ping, Tai-Nan, interior of tradiitonal house.
Shrines in Tainan: A Need for Documentation and Preservation